360 Video as an Immersive Medium for Marketers

04 Aug 360 Video as an Immersive Medium for Marketers

Marketers should start experimenting sooner rather than later writes eMarketer.

360 video technologies have reached the point where marketers can strategically incorporate  360 and VR video content for their content marketing campaigns.  Intuitive, immersive content such as 360 Video creates the highest levels of engagement of any content type, and customers are preferring brands that give the best user experiences in the digital space.

eMarketer have surveyed consumers and found the number one feature that consumers want is to have the best experience of the product they are buying before they go to checkout. It’s logical, but often overlooked by companies that are close to their product. Marketers are immersed in their product or service and sometimes forget that the User Experience for the customer (UX) is the single most important thing they can provide.

Video is the most natural form of image as it imitates the user experience in real-time, and as a ‘try-before-you-buy’ experience it comes as close to handling the product as you can get.

VR that interests smartphone users

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