5 Tips to Know before Shooting a 360 Video

03 Jan 5 Tips to Know before Shooting a 360 Video


360 video cameras have come a long way, we have an abundance of tools to record the world in 360 degrees. However, using a 360 camera is much more complicated than a simple point and shoot camera. The caveat in 360 video production is that standard video production rules don’t apply. So we’ve put together some pro tips to help you understand 360 video production.

    1. Get the right camera
      There’s a wide range of 360 cameras anywhere from $300 for entry-level cameras like the LG 360 Cam to $6,000 for the Insta 360 Pro. To put it simply, the key difference in price is quality—the more expensive the camera, the better the resolution.
    2. Consider the space you want to shoot
      While it may be easy to shoot 360 videos, where you place the camera on the scene makes all the difference. The camera should be placed at least a few feet away from subjects to keep things real. One important thing to note with the 360-degree view, there is no such thing as “behind the camera.”
    3. Be inside the action
      Any viewer watching a 360 video with the VR headset will have full control over where they look. We always position the camera in the center of the action and let the actors/talents react towards the viewers. There are many ways of using a 360 camera to tell stories, like in a documentary where our viewers are positioned as an observer.
    4. Don’t give up on lighting
      Many would say that lighting in a 360 video is near impossible without showing the lights. We beg to differ! You can embrace practical and natural lighting, but you should also light up where possible. Our creative technologist says: “Lighting a 360 scene is always possible if you are clever with how you position and hide the lights, it makes a big difference to the final outcome of the footage. Take the time to plan your lighting beforehand.”
    5. Place camera at the same height as your line of sight
      The placement of the camera affects the experience of the viewers greatly. When the camera is placed too low, your viewers will feel like they are two feet shorter. And if the camera is too high, the viewers will feel like they are giants. When using a VR headset, these effects will be exaggerated a lot more. That’s why it is important to keep the camera level with your line of sight.

We have been creating a lot of exciting 360 videos for brands all around the region in the past couple of years. If you are interested in 360 video production, we encourage you to answer a few questions before dipping your toes into it.

  • What are your goal and purpose?
  • What do you want to achieve by using 360-degrees?
  • Can you achieve the same results by shooting with a traditional video?

Answering these questions before taking any action will help you better plan your work and evaluate the outcome. We’re always happy to help so feel free to drop us an email or call us to talk about your 360 video projects!

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