Last year, Singapore GP reached out to us to create an innovative and immersive 360 VR experience to promote the future F1 Races.

We accepted the invitation by Singapore GP to embark a project that lasted over 4 months, from conceptualization to completion. The final 360 video series was going to be spectacular, fun and a first for Singapore’s Formula 1.

With the main concept of taking viewers on a F1 adventure, we came up with a forward-thinking solution by merging creative marketing concepts with 360 videos for captivating promotional content. 

A video must always tell a story and engage the audience, producing 360 VR content is no different. I brought in Director Adam Stanger and he worked closely with our Creative Technologist, Caleb Rozario to offer a new way to fully engage with the viewers.

Director (Adam) and Creative Technologist (Caleb) discussing shots with host (Divian). Sound technician (Jason) ensuring audio is perfect.
Our trusty Insta360 Pro doing what it does best.

As 360 VR creators, we understand that a story must be told in 360 is key to the process. One of the great success of our 360 VR content derives from cutting-edge camera technology, using the Insta360 Pro and our artistic vision and skill. There is a psychology behind VR and our understanding of this, is key to the enjoyment of the user.

Talent (Jaydee) at the pit stop challenge.

Throughout the entire production, we kept two important things in mind: knowing where we want our audience to be looking at and knowing what we want our viewers to see. It is important to naturally guide the attention of your viewer towards the main action. Working with our amazing talents Divian Nair and Jaydee Lok, they act as a reference point to help direct the viewer’s gaze.

Our amazing 360 production crew and talent for the night shoot.

I am extremely pleased to be able to deliver yet another successful and unique content experience of immersion and interaction for our clients. These videos will be used as part of their promotional campaign during on ground events, known as the ‘F1 Power Up truck’. Be sure to look out for the truck near you in Singapore! Audiences get to experience the 360-interactive content via the PicoVR headsets – one of the best headsets in the market for high quality 360 videos.

Insta360 Pro getting the best view in the house.

Our 360 VR business covers medical, safety, travel and tourism and entertainment concepts. Feel free to email us for any further details or information about 360 VR productions.

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