Interactive 360 Video

Interactivity has always been one of our utmost priority when creating 360 VR content. Our goal is to enhance these experiences while making it engaging and satisfying on all platforms. With that, we put a strong focus on hotspots and interactivity features.

Interactivity can be added to any 360° video and all the hotspots can be fully customisable. You can link these hotspots to another another, an image, a website and more. The experience can be hosted on your websites or mobile app (iOS and Android) with a fully responsive embed that fits into your application.

All hotspots can be gazed-through in VR mode which can be viewed by VR headsets for the ultimate immersive experience. Interactive 360 video content is an incredibly powerful tool to engage with people. Forget about the passive audience, you can transform your audience in active participants who’ll live, experience and recount your story. Contact us today to discuss!

Here’s an example of an interactive 360 video we did for the Baan Chaweng Resort. Being in the travel industry, their main goal is to focus on the destination to engage with their social media audiences.

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